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  • 1.The home page is not displayed properly and I do not see where to enter my holder number and password.

    We recommend that you delete the browser's history in Internet Explorer by following these steps. However, you may lose some data related to your browsing history in Internet by doing so:


    • Select "Tools" in the top menu, then "Internet Options"
    • In the "General" tab, choose "Delete" under "Browsing History".
    • Once the window is open, make sure that everything is checked, except the "Form Data" and "Password"
    • Press the "Delete" button

    Agropur’s members Extranet was developed for Internet Explorer version 7 and higher. As a last resort, you can also update your Internet Explorer to version 9, or use other browsers, such as Chrome, Safari or Fire Fox.

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  • 2.How do I obtain a password?

    Start by clicking on the “New User” button found on the Agropur extranet homepage. After you answer some login questions required to confirm your identity, you will be asked to select your own password. This is the password you will use to log in from the homepage.

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  • 3.Where can I locate my holder number?

    This number appears on the letter you received when we launched the extranet site. If you own personal shares, you will also find this number on your shareholder statement. However, if you are the farm’s representative and do not hold shares in your name, contact your cooperative advisor to obtain the number. You will find his contact info on your milk cheque stub.

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  • 4.An error message appears when I enter my first name and last name.

    The first and last names you enter must be identical to the ones appearing on your shareholder statement, or your milk cheque if you are the farm’s representative.

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  • 5.My account is locked and I can no longer access the extranet site.

    We automatically lock user accounts as a security measure after a number of unsuccessful login attempts. Try logging in again later. This helps prevent fraud and your account from being hacked. You can also use the forgotten password option.

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  • 6.Why must I enter the final 3 digits of my Social Insurance Number (SIN)?

    This is limited to shareholding members only. This information is required when you log in the first time. It confirms your identity. If you are the farm’s representative, enter your dairy number (CDC) instead.

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  • 7.Why must I enter my dairy number (CDC)?

    This information is required when you log in the first time, to identify you as the farm’s representative. If you are not the farm’s representative, you do not need to enter the dairy number to log in. Use the final 3 digits of your Social Insurance Number (SIN) instead.

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  • 8.When I log in, an error message appears notifying me I do not have access to the extranet site.

    The extranet site is intended for shareholders or representatives of Agropur members’ holding capital. Your account is deactivated one year after your final redemption of shares.

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  • 9.I forgot my password and do not remember the answers to my secret questions.

    We lock your account after a certain number of failed login attempts, at which point you can no longer try to re-answer your secret questions. Instead, you will be asked to reset your account as a new user.

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  • 10.After 3 failed attempts to retrieve my password, I am redirected to the homepage. What do I do?

    After being given the opportunity to retrieve your forgotten password and you fail to complete the entire process successfully, we redirect you to the homepage for security reasons, where you will be required to log in again as a new user.

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  • 11.Who do I contact for help when I have a problem and cannot access the extranet site?

    If you experience problems accessing the site, contact technical support by email at can also contact your cooperative advisor, its phone number appears on your milk pay statement or your capital statement.

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