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  • 1.The home page is not displaying properly, and I do not see where to enter my holder number and password.

    We recommend that you delete the browser's history in Internet Explorer by following these steps. However, you may lose some data related to your Internet browsing history by doing so:


    • Select "Tools" in the top menu, then "Internet Options".
    • In the "General" tab, choose "Delete" under "Browsing History".
    • Once the window is open, make sure that everything is checked, except the "Form Data" and "Password" option.
    • Press the "Delete" button.

    Agropur’s members Extranet was developed for Internet Explorer version 7 and higher. As a last resort, you can also update your Internet Explorer to version 9, or use other browsers, such as Chrome, Safari or Fire Fox.

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  • 2.How do I obtain a password?

    Your password will be mailed to you once your application as a member or representative is accepted. Your password will be sent within 10 days following the receipt of your letter of acceptance as a member or representative.

    If you have not received your password after waiting the 10 days, please contact your Cooperative Advisor or write to us at

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  • 3.Where can I locate my holder number?

    This number appears on the letter you received when we launched the extranet site. If you are a new member or a new representative, this number appears on your acceptance letter received by email or by mail. 

    If you own personal shares, you will also find this number on your shareholder statement. However, if you are the farm’s representative and do not hold shares in your name, contact your cooperative advisor to obtain the number.

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  • 4.My account is locked and I can no longer access the extranet site.

    We automatically lock user accounts as a security measure after numerous unsuccessful login attempts. This practice helps prevent fraud and protects your account from being hacked. If you receive a message that your account is locked, please contact your Cooperative Advisor or write to us at

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  • 5.When I log in, an error message appears notifying me that I do not have access to the extranet site.

    The extranet site is limited to Agropur’s member representatives and shareholders.

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  • 6.I forgot my password..

    After numerous unsuccessful login attempts, your account is automatically locked. You can contact your Cooperative Advisor or write to us at to have your account reset.

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  • 7.Who do I contact for help when I have a problem and cannot access the extranet site?

    If you experience problems accessing the site, contact technical support by email at You can also contact your Cooperative Advisor, whose phone number appears on your milk pay and capital statements.

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